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School Governors 2023/24

Name Date Of Appointment Term of Office Date They Stepped Down Appointed By Register of Interests Attendance Record of Meetings Governor Role Committee Membership Areas of Interest
Mr Edwin Abreo 01/04/2020 4 Years N/A Dioceses None 9/11 Foundation & Chair of Governors Ex Officio PHSE/Maths
Mr Chris Andrew 04/09/2016 N/A N/A None 11/11 Head teacher All All
Mrs Janice Bingham 01/04/2020 4 Years N/A Diocese None 7/9 Foundation & Chair of Admissions Curriculum & Admissions MFL/Art & DT
Mrs Lesley Brennan 22/07/2020 4 Years N/A Diocese None 9/9 Foundation Curriculum & Admissions Science/Inclusion
Mr Rowan Griffiths 01/09/2019 4 Years N/A Parent None 4/7 Parent Governor Resources PE
Mrs Sabrina O'Rorke 23/09/2019 4 Years N/A Staff None 5/5 Staff Governor Curriculum Early Years/Literacy
Mr Gerard Perkins 01/04/2020 4 Years N/A Diocese None 5/11 Foundation Resources & Admissions RE/Safeguarding
Mrs Karen Rodrigues 30/08/2021 4 Years  N/A Community  None 7/10 Community Governor & Chair of Curriculum Resources/Curriculum & Vice Chair of FGB Computing/CPD
Mrs Mary McElhinney 17/11/2020

4 Years

N/A Staff None 7/8 Staff Governor Curriculum Curriculum
Mrs Barbara Watroba 22/04/2021

 4 Years 

N/A Parent  None  5/8 Parent Governor  Curriculum  TBC
Mr John Lee 17/07/2023

4 Years

N/A Diocese None Foundation Resources TBC

Clerk to Governors | Mrs Irena Corbo

Governance Structures & Responsibilities