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At STJTG, the learning we want for our pupils extends far beyond the subject-specific teaching that happens within the classrooms.  Our school values are at the forefront of all our teaching here at STJTG and are woven and interlinked across our school's curriculum and our enrichment experiences.

Our School Values


ensures we build a community inspired by Gospel values, where all feel safe, valued, respected and we have opportunities to ‘love thy neighbour’


is promoted by providing a balanced curriculum, in which children can grow in understanding and acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes and values




enable us to work hard, so that we fulfil our academic, moral, physical, social and spiritual potential



is nurtured through prayer and liturgy, promoting respect for others and tolerance of differences


for ourselves and one another is fostered, and evident through our behaviour and conduct in school, at home and beyond

Our personal development program is reviewed and updated on a regular basis - please click the link to read more about how we promote personal development at STJTG. 


Enrichment Experiences

We have carefully mapped enrichment experiences that complement each topic and provide meaningful context to learning, ultimately enhance pupil understanding.  These experiences are also key to our pupils' personal development, supporting them to develop in many diverse aspects of life and allowing them equal opportunity to experience people and places that they may not have access to otherwise; building cultural capital.

Our school values are encompassed throughout these chosen experiences, helping our pupils to develop key life skills such as confidence and resilience, as well as those skills that we too often take for granted - how to use transport systems, how to interact with others and how to conduct themselves in public.  All of these skills are crucial components in preparing our pupils to become successful, active citizens in their adult lives.

Click the links below to learn about some of the exciting experiences our pupils benefit from: