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Responsible for Class
Nursery class staff & Nursery nurses
Learning support assistants (LSAs)
Pupil support assistants
(PSAs - special needs support)
Non-teaching staff

Staff Responsible for Class 13/14:


Miss L Spong + BA(Hons) PGCE MA Deputy Headteacher, Whole School Curriculum Leader, Assessment Co-ordinator, RE team member, CPD Co-ordinator, Child Protection and Safeguarding  
Miss M Almeida BA (Hons) PGCE Nursery Teacher Nursery
Miss F Grabiec BBSc GTP / QTSS PHSCE/SEAL, Healthy Schools R.1
Mrs G Foad BA (Hons) QTS Enterprise Leader R2
Mrs D Shoulder + BA(Hons) QTS FS Phase Co-ordinator, RE Leader and Early Years Management R3
Miss N Hudson (BA (Hons) QTS DT Leader 1.1
Mrs L Mascarenhas Cert. Ed. Sc GTP/QTS RE team member, collation of records of off site visits including risk assessments 1.2
Miss T O'Connor BA (Hons) PGCE

Literacy Leader

Miss M Bobrowska NQT 2.2
Miss L Aspinall NQT 3.1
Mr M Kenny BSc PGCE ICT Leader 3.2
Mrs T. Scott Cree*+ BA(Hons) QTS AST Lower KS 2 Phase Co-ordinator, Art Leader, AGT Leader, Literacy Partner, Child Protection 4.1



Mrs D Lawless  BEd (Hons) GTP / QTS

MFL Leader, Outdoor Environment, School and Eco Councils, First Aid Provision 4.2
Miss S Eaton BA (Hons) PGCE PE Leader 5.1
Miss E. Jackson BA (Hons) GTP / QTS (MAST) Upper KS 2 Phase Co-ordinator, Mathematics Leader 5.2
Mr D Hughes BA (Hons) PGCE Public Speaking and Poetry Society Links 6.1

Mrs R Williams*BA(Hons) QTS AST


Music Leader, GTP Lead Tutor, NQTs


Mrs K Young + BA (Hons) QTS Key Stage 1 Phase Co-ordinator, History and Geography Leader  
Mr J Allen BEd (Hons) Music  
Mrs J Wellington BA (Hons) PGCE Inclusion Manager (EMA, EAL)  
Miss L O'Brien BA (Hons), PGCE Science Leader  
Ms E. Jones Music Accompanist  
+ School Leadership Team Member, # Curriculum Team Leader
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