Our Aims

St. James the Great School aims to:

  • make prayer, worship and liturgy real educational experiences, contributing to the development of the faith of everyone in the school;
  • provide a framework within which all children are enabled to develop the highest possible level of achievement fulfilling their academic, moral, physical and spiritual potential;
  • create links between home, parish and school which prepare children for their future life;
  • help children to develop positive relationships through example;
  • ensure that the curriculum provides a Catholic setting in which children can grow in understanding and acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes and values;
  • provide support and development in a school which looks to Christ as the basis of its existence, for all staff and parents as well as children.

Mission Statement

Our school, as a place of learning, belongs to the parish communities of Thornton Heath and Norbury and exists to educate children of the community, with the gospel values, traditions and beliefs of the Catholic Faith at the centre of its ethos, whilst recognising and understanding the individuality of “faith journey”.

 Taking account of National Curriculum requirements, the school will provide a framework within which all pupils are enabled to develop to the highest possible level of achievement, their academic, moral, physical and spiritual potential.

 It will foster a respect for self and others in a climate of tolerance for individual differences, whilst recognising the importance of striving for excellence and of enhancing children’s transition to responsible adulthood.

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