Discere cum dei amore - Learning with God's love



Well done to all at St James the Great on gaining recognition as a National Teaching School. We are heading up 'The Change through Learning Alliance'. Our current strategic partners are Coloma Convent Girls School and St Thomas Becket Primary School. The other partners in the Alliance are; NMBEC, Quest, Croydon High School, Good Shepherd, St Chad's, Bensham Manor and Thomas More. Further details ...

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Confraternity of Saint James

CSJ_003Our school supports a broad range of charities throughout the year both at home and abroad. We are in permanent membership of the Confraternity of St James a charity that supports pilgramage to Santiago de Compostela the shrine of our school's patron saint Saint James the Great at Santiago de Compostela in north west Spain  www.csj.org.uk

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